I am a terrible diarist. I’m also a terrible e-mail correspondant and an unashamed oversharer and an awful egoist, though so somehow these things all came together to make me think that maybe I could stick with a blog. Mainly so that I can blurt out all the tedious minutae of my boring life that only interests me but presented as if to someone else. Probably someone cooler.

I’m starting this to document the process of applying to move to South Korea. I’m with the EPIK programme and just had my telephone interview with the Korean government this morning, which has filled me with hope and joy at the prospect of getting out there…but also crushing fear and terror at the prospect of not getting through this round. Back-up plans aren’t really my “thing” so if this doesn’t come through then I’m not sure what I’ll do.

The interview seemed fine. Initially my interviewer just asked me to confirm some details on my application like my date of birth and address, then she asked me about teaching. In case any other applicant stumbles across this, the main questions I remember were:

Also Canada. Also unrelated.

– What will you do if you have an unmotivated student?

– What will you do if you and your co-teacher do not get on?

– How will you manage a class of 30-40 children of differing levels?

– What would you say your strengths and weaknesses as a teacher will be?

She also asked what do I think will be the most challenging part of living in Korea, how does it differ from like in the UK, why did I choose metropolitan areas and some personal stuff pertaining to my application. From what I saw online beforehand, it’s all standard stuff.

I think I did well, I did the best I could do, anyway. Hopefully I get it. I’m supposed to get a notification in 2-5days, so I guess by the end of the week. I don’t have my paperwork together though (which everyone on the process knows is a big no-no!) so that’s a little stressful too. I guess I’ll update this by the end of the week with joy/despair.