This is Canada. It's unrelated.

I found out today that I passed the interview and now all I need to do is get my paperwork sent off to my recruiter, Footprints, who will check them and forward them on to EPIK. Footprints have been great, they’ve given me loads of information and generally kept quite good contact with me. Overall, I’m satisfied with how they’ve responded to any queries and I would feel comfortable recommending them.

On the less than stellar side, there is a LOT of paperwork. I’m waiting for my criminal background check to come through, but I still need my transcripts and degree apostille anyway so I’m hoping that I can get those done by the end of November, when my criminal record should come through. The process is crazy but I feel like the idea of going off to the other side of the world on my own for a year is crazier. I’m alternating between excited and terrified!

I’m attending a weekend TEFL course next weekend, after which I’ll be doing the correspondence course, because I’ve never taught before and I wanted some experience. I’m hoping it gives me a little more confidence because, while I’m bang tidy at my grammar and whatnot, I have no idea how I’m supposed to communicate that to kids that don’t already speak English. Sephamore? Morse code? Pictograms?

There’s also stuff like setting up a skype account and getting webcam and mic sorted too so I can keep in touch with my family, friends and boyfriend, all of whom I’m gonna miss a lot. And all of whom better read this blog while I’m away. There *will* be a quiz.

I had another interview last night too, except this one was for a job for before I go out there. If I don’t get that, I’ll be back painting the temp agencies in town white and black with my CVs. Which is a concern, I really would rather work retail. I know most would disagree and that it is horrible (especially at Christmas) but office work sounds draaab. Also this job pays 6.45 an hour and double time on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, holla!

Oh, and maybe I should learn a bit of Korean.