First things first, Treyc Cohen off the X Factor in favour of man-face Katie Whatever?! Eminem releasing a song sampling “Baby, Don’t Hurt Me (No More)”?! Surely the apocolypse cannot be far off. I totally heard that a disturbance in the pop charts was a definite sign of the oncoming of the four horsemen. Definitely.


For me, though, it’s all pretty good. This weekend I was at a TEFL 20 hour intensive course, which was great. It covered the difficulties of trying to communicate with and teach kids who don’t have a clue what you’re saying. Then we had to do practise lessons, which was a special kind of terrifying. It’s weird to stand up and teach colours to a crowd of 20-odd year olds. The people were cool though, which made it easier, and in the end I passed the course. Just waiting now for the correspondence course to come through, much like I’m waiting for EVERYTHING ELSE I’ve ordered from institutions to come through. Yep, police check isn’t here, transcripts aren’t here, I got nothin’.

I did, however, get my MSc results! I got a merit overall, with a distinction in my dissertation, and my tutor’s interested in working with me to get that edited and published somewhere official. Which I think would be awesome. So editing and sorting that out is on the to-do list, keeping me busy along with the continuing attempts to learn Korean. Because I am still unemployed and it’s definitely not getting any more fun.

A definite low point was a group interview at an unnamed shoe shop. I found out when I arrived that I was, in fact, the oldest person there. Yep, I was surrounded by bright eyed and bushy tailed sixth formers. Kids who couldn’t even legally drink. Kids who can have no emotional connection to a Calvin Harris song as they never even glimpsed the 80’s. One of these kids who, upon finding out I have a masters degree, turned to me and said:

“Oh, so is this, like, what you’ve always wanted to do? You know, when you started uni and that?”

Aware the interviewers may be listening and wanting to sound hardworking and commited, I somehow managed to chirp “well, management would be great!” through my gritted teeth while my mind was screaming “Screw you, kid! You know NOTHING!” Which is one reason I didn’t march today. Screw those kids and their “hopes” and “dreams”! The real world will hit you like a ton of bricks and then you’ll find yourself somehow antiquated and outdated at 22, in a sea of children who barely remember 9/11, and you’ll know. Also I’m not a student anymore, I don’t know anyone who the fees thing will effect, essentially I just don’t care. Prospective students shoulda been out there. And because throwing fire extinguishers 17 stories down is not cool, that could have hit someone and that would have been the end of that (them).

Adding insult to injury, the company in question never got in touch to say if I had got the job, despite promising they would. So, ever the optimist, on the last day I would possibly have heard, I braced myself for impact and called to confirm my non-employment. The following conversation took place between me and the manager after I told him who I was:

“Oh, Rebecca! Yeah, I remember you, you were in the thursday group right? Yeah. Well, you didn’t get the job. Alri’? Bye!”

Let me clarify that I don’t take exception to not getting the job – I realised pretty early on that I was not what they were looking for, what with being legally able to vote and past the age of holding student ID – but to the delivery and lack of feedback is pretty terrible. I took the time out of my life and my schedule to come interview at your company and you can’t even bothered to call me quickly, trot out an “I’m sorry, you’re overqualified [or whatever]” or even mail merge a set of letters to the same effect? What is that about? This sort of thing is why people get on benefits because they’re tired of being treated like shit by employers, pissed off at the dwindling oppertunities being offered and sick of feeling like you’re entering a lottery where the odds are stacked sharply against you.

And don’t even get me started on the “unpaid internships” being trotted out by companies. One thing this economy has very much allowed for is the complete exploitation of graduates desperate to get something, ANYTHING, to show from the years and thousands of pounds they spent on university.

It’s a nice time to be leaving the country.