1. I’m at the stage now where I would be very surprised if the Korea thing didn’t come off. I’m also very hopeful that I’ll get my first choice city, extra awesome.
2. Cleaning my room unearthed some awesome old stuff I hadn’t thought about in years. There’s a card my old best friend made for “I Love Reby Day” all covered in photos and nice messages, the necklace my mum got me for my 16th which I misplaced soon after, and the fancy bottle cap from the fancy beer Matt brought over the first time we got together. Cute memories.
3. Finally finished and sent off my edited dissertation, hopefully for publication and that would be incredible.
4. Putting up the tree a couple days ago was legit one of the most rewarding things ever. I had so much fun and it looks festive and pretty.
5. I can’t wait to wrap presents for the aforementioned tree!
6. Matt arrives in 3 days!
7. Tomorrow I fully intend to get a charger for my camera, I’ve missed being able to take pictures so much.

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