The end of 2010 was pretty great for me. I had Matt for nearly a week and spent the last few hours of the year watching Gremlins with a friend and drinks.

The beginning of 2011 was less so but one thing I learnt in 2010 was to trust my instincts on what is right. Plus how can I not feel hopeful about a year wherein I get to live abroad? I’m massively excited and it’s just bringing into focus that there’s so much to do still, vaccinations are the big things on my list now since Japanese encephalitis sounds horrendous.

Mainly I want to bring more positivity, optimism and confidence into 2011. I feel like I changed a lot over 2010 through some rough times and I want to remember what I’ve gained from loss. Losing friends, family, and some things I thought I relied on were huge shocks but in the end I guess you see what you really need.

In 2010, I:
– Completed my Masters Degree. Involving more writing and more panic than anything in my undergrad ever did.
– Submitted an academic article to be published professionally.
– Completed a 20hour TEFL weekend…though I’m still (slowly) working on the remaining 80 hours!
– Took chances, which very definitely paid off.
– Set up the groundwork to move abroad. Not that I talk about that enough.
– Learned to appreciate Indian, Mexican and Greek food. Delicious discoveries all round and I learned how to make tacos!
– Visited Canada for the first time. Thus completes the North America leg of my travels for now.
– Stopped biting my nails…so far.

In 2011, I:
– Want to visit Japan, China, Thailand, Australia and New Zealand. I’m pretty sure I can get the first three done while I’m in Korea, Aus and NZ might be more challenging.
– Am gonna climb a mountain!! I meant to do it last year but got so caught up in…bleurgh, that I didn’t. Korea is full of ’em tho.
– Should finish that TEFL. Oops.
– Hope to get a passable level of Korean. So far I’ve gotten lost when learning Hangul :/.
– Try to be a good teacher to the impressionable young Korean minds given to me to mold. Eek.
– Want to do EVERYTHING.