Firstly, hello any readers I’ve just picked up from posting on the EPIK facebook, or from Kimchi A Go-Go, and thank you to Fulgore for listing me 🙂

Secondly, the answer to the title is, according to DHL tracking, “Sort Facility EAST MIDLANDS – UK”. So hopefully it makes it up North overnight and arrives in my eager, grasping, greedy little hands tomorrow morning. It has until 11am Monday to get to me before I go down to Leics for my graduation. I’m hoping to get to London to sort out my visa mid-week, I’ll get my degree certificate after graduation on Friday and will have to go get that notarised and apostilled at the start of the following week. Which pisses me off something awful, btw, as I’ve already notarised and apostilled a letter stating that I have the MSc and even the grade I achieved. Not to mention the extra transcripts I have to order. But whatever, we do what we must, right?

I have high apple pie in the sky hopes for the trip too, since I’ll get to spend a lot of time with my friends and Matt and also will be celebrating My 23rd/Graduation/Leaving FOREVER party. I had a bday party the night of my birthday up North anyway and it was moderately crazy. As ever, even with few participants, we managed to find some trouble. Sticking to the principles of the best people to know are bartenders and bouncers, we got free shots and drinks all night courtesy of the kind of deep, emotional ties you can only make at midnight at a bar with strangers.

Would you trust this face to look after itself?!

The second shindig, however, combines friends I’ve made all over the place and hopefully they all mix together well. I can’t drink so I’m a little worried it’ll be kinda lame, but hey, I guess the important thing is the emotional goodbyes.

Speaking of emotional goodbyes, I’m already a little scared for the moment after take-off when it hits me that I am very definitely leaving everything and everyone for a full year. I’ve never lived completely alone or even taken a plane on my own! Honestly, I’m not proud of this but the other night I called Matt to check if I liked spinach.* He cooks for me, as I often to forget to defrost frozen meat before attempting to stir fry which leads to the very popular “charred outside, raw inside” culinary school of acomplishment. How am I going to do this alone, and in Korean?!

*if you’re wondering, the answer was: “Based on the other veg I slip into your food to save you from Smart Price noodles induced scurvy, yes. You probably do.” And I did.