Today’s my last day away before coming back home to do all the packing stuff. My biggest issue at the moment is time. There isn’t enough of it. Having spent the last six months working towards this whole EPIK thing, now that it’s approaching I feel like I wanna put it off for a bit and appreciate being at home without the stress of having to get documents or procrastinating on jabs (yeeeah, still haven’t quite done that).

At the same time tho, the full extent of how cool an opportunity this is is just hitting me. A couple of my friends want me to meet them in Thailand in August and another few want to visit or meet in Japan, and I should hopefully be able to do that (schedule pending). I’m also finding a lot of cool little festivals, like the Festival of the Parting Seas – where the seas naturally part in a certian area and you can walk along the sea bed – that also sound like pretty incredible experiences. And how often do people get to do stuff like this? Still, the first waves of sadness are really starting to hit.

I’m pretty glad for the EPIK facebook which has allowed me to meet so many of my fellow applicants, the vast majority of whom are awesome. Hopefully soon the excitement of meeting them in person will outweigh the anxities of leaving here!