My visa came today, which is startlingly punctual. Nice one, beurocracy, here I was thinking you were utterly useless.

My transcripts may never come and as such I’m giving serious thought to eating your wife * threatening to sue my uni.

At the end of October, right after  I found out I was accepted to EPIK actually, my dog died. Since I got home yesterday I’ve been thinking I can see her or expecting her around all the time. What’s that about ? Delayed denial process?

This morning I caught my brother watching interior design programme Grand Designs and all he would say is “…The other room was more manly”.

I’ve had Hungry Eyes stuck in my head all day:

As a result of that, I also miss Patrick Swayze and Jerry Orbach. Who wasn’t crazy for Swayze? You were, stop lying.

Sunday night we went out and I accidentally consumed a dangerous amount of vodka. The following morning I woke up still mashed, went to Tescos and bought a box of Creme Eggs. Refused all real food in favour of sitting hunched over the box like a little rat, chomping on egg after disgustingly sugary egg. Then I passed out again and when I woke up, my teeth hurt.

Saturday night was awesome though; free t-shirts, food and booze. So much Time Warp dancing tho, what is that, how does everyone know how to time warp but me, what the hell, stop it, this is weird!

It was a departure from last year’s, wherein my housemate Renee crawled under the wheels of an imminently departing bus to reclaim the contents of her bag and it was drunkenly demanded we all drink until our diabetic housemate fell into a potentially life threatening coma.

I had a bunch of tests. There’s a certain story about the firing of equipment from areas but, really, we’d best not get into that.

Oh, and I graduated again:

* That’s a quote from the 2001 Hannibal film!!!