At the end of my first official week teaching, I still don’t really feel like I can accurately call myself a teacher. I’m definitely learning that theres more to it than just straight up teaching though. With class sizes of about 45, classroom management is super important, and so is having a co-teacher. One of mine doesn’t like to show up (I’m pretty sure he regards my class as the “mess around” class) and his dismissive attitude definitely trickles down to the kids. Unfortunately for them, whether they think I’m worth their time or not, I’m not going to be taking attitude or backchat from 13 year olds. Most of my classes are great, and my other co’s are giving me a lot of good hints, though, so that helps.

The mixed ability thing is also an issue. I have a range from nearly fluent to, well, not very good at all. I think that a lot of the trouble comes from kids who are too advanced getting bored and on that account, I need to step up my game and provide extra material to keep them going. That and maybe I should stop refering to them as “you little assholes”.

Other than that, things are just generally going well. I’m settled into my apartment, although I do have a sneaking suspicion that it might be haunted, and I’m getting used to the job and the area. This weekend I tried just getting off at random subway stops and checking out different parts of the city, which was cool. I ended up finding a big market that sold everything from furniture to fruit to fashion. Oh and puppies, but hopefully not for the eating…

I’ve also juuust finished up turning my masters dissertation into an article, which feels pretty amaze. My tutor reckons it could easy take a year to get it published though so I’m not expecting to hear anything soon. Also I’ve been helping out at a local dog shelter a bit, taking the dogs for walks etc, which has been cool. One of my dogs died in November and I miss her massively so it’s nice to spend some time with other pups. I’m seriously considering fostering a dog for a while but thinking that it’s best if I get my routine settled and figure out how a dog would figure into my lifestyle as I am at work 8hours a day, 5days a week, and do have other activities going on.

Sorry, I’m massively dull! I feel pretty disppointed in myself but I don’t really have any dramatic or exciting news, it’s all just…going well!