I didn’t feel like words this week so here’s a bunch of  pics taken within the last fortnight or so. Kids, dogs, trees, mainly. Sorry about that. Click them and, by the power of Greyskull, they get bigger.

My English Only Zone classroom and second grade. I was playing "Friday" by Rebecca Black. They were not impressed.

Campaigning for school president. I missed out on some pics of the kids dressed up in huge mascot costumes. This continued for a week.

Some random third graders who were fascinated and impressed by my iphone. They instantly wanted to take their pictures with the front facing camera.

"I love Rebecca teacher"


This is a school! Oh, Korea. The fence was giant pencils.

Jingu (Korean word for "Friend") is one of the shyest dogs at the shelter. From the way she scurries into her house when you toss her a treat, Im guessing she was tied up somewhere and people used to throw rocks etc at her. Makes me pretty angry to think of.

When she gets used to you, she is the most loving and affectionate dog ever, though. I took these pictures when I came in and this is her greeting me and wanting to play and be hugged.

I missed the cherry blossom festival in Jinhae but stumbled on some in the park anyway.

And some more. Super pretty.

And some more. Super pretty.

One of the new shelter dogs. I called him Skinny Puppy and informed him he was very famous, but he didnt seem to care. It was hard to get a pic of him properly as he was very active. Not remotely unusual to see a dog this starved and thin looking, by the way.

Jazzy, the douchebag dog who stole my heart. I try to hang out with this little monster as often as I can in the hopes of getting her trained and socialised to the point where shes adoptable. If I could, Id have her myself.

Sun beginning to set.

Jazzys fat head as she tried jumping into my lap to cuddle. Huge huge HUGE improvement in socialisation for her.